Business Continuity

Recover your data with confidence

Remote working environments have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to control and restrict where data assets get created, utilized or stored without negative operational impacts.
Adoption and increased reliance on cloud application tools and online collaboration have also introduced new challenges to maintaining the security of IT systems and sensitive information assets.
We partner with leading industry vendors to provide a simple solution to protect the integrity, accessibility and recoverability of your business-critical data without location restrictions or additional hardware appliances.

Build organisational resilience

Having a single external source responsible for all elements of business continuity and disaster recovery can provide the resilience your organisation needs. By partnering with Bridged, your organisation can enjoy the benefits of fast, high-quality results even if you have advanced networking requirements.


Quickly resume business functions in the event of a disaster across your technology, data and people.


Initiate recovery of lost or corrupted data with a simple internet connection and quickly restore to the employee’s original device or an alternate device with ease.


Automate backup frequency to fit your custom needs or configure the agent to initiate a backup anytime the devices connect to the internet.


Monitor devices for vulnerabilities and health status through the agent to gain increased visibility of critical risks that could impact asset uptime or data integrity.

We are experts in managing & supporting IT operations
We are experts in managing &
supporting IT operations