Improve business function with a hosted phone system

Did you know that moving from an on-premises phone system to a hosted phone system online could improve your business function?
In the past businesses ran with an on-premises phone system – hard-wired handsets and phone systems connected to a business location, limiting flexibility in workforce growth and working location, while also adding additional phone and hardware maintenance costs.

Today, we can move this system online.

An online hosted phone system, will ensure you can:
    ● maintain a professional image for your workplace and clients
    ● enable your teams to work from anywhere
    ● enable your staff to use many different devices including handset, desktop, mobile, or all of the above!
A hosted phone system will also provide connectivity with other communication tools that are far more cost effective and easier to maintain via remote support than traditional phone systems – such as chat features, project management tools and task integration features.
If your business is looking to expand, a hosted phone system will provide a scalable solution for workforce growth with real time monitoring and reporting tools at your fingertips.

If your phone system is due for an upgrade, get in touch with Bridged to find out more.